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As a Financial Advisor with Park Avenue Securities, I welcome you to my website where you can explore both the world of personal financial decision making and how working with me may make sense for you.

Let’s deal up-front with 2 questions on most people’s minds.  

First question. “How do you get paid?”. Early in my career I worked as a fee-based financial advisor. That stopped in 2001 when I changed companies. Since then, I get paid by commission on the sale of high-quality financial products and services. All consultations and meetings are complimentary and I only get paid if you end up taking my recommendations and buying a product from me. Why this decision? I figured if I was good at what I did, clients would take my advice and put in place my product recommendations. That has worked for me.

Next question, “How will using this website and working with you, John, benefit me?”  In my opinion, greatly. I try to simplify the complex using language and terms easy to understand so you can make sound financial decisions. You will learn this as you use this site and /or work with me.

Maybe you can find the information you seek in the many articles, calculators, presentations, videos and concepts behind insurance, investing, retirement, estate planning, wealth preservation and financial management that are here. If so, know that my Website content is frequently updated with current information.

On the other hand, you may be looking for a financial professional to work with. If so, I invite you to talk with me. You can check out my history and credentials elsewhere in this site.

If you contact me, I will ask you, “How can I be of help?”. Then I will listen to you.  If I think I can help, we’ll move on to a confident and thorough discussion of what is important to you.

If you choose to work with me, you will learn what you have and how it works. Whether your situation is simple or complex, you will learn of options to address your financial concerns that work efficiently within your cash flow.

As a result, you can expect me to do the right thing for you in the right way knowing that any recommendation I make will be with your well-being as the top priority. You can expect me to be a valuable and accessible resource to you. Through my association with other professionals, you will have access to their experience, if needed.

The benefit of working with me is feeling that the job will be done right to address the financial issues and concerns affecting you and those people most important to you.

If this is what you are looking for, call me. There is no obligation. Together, we will decide if it makes sense to go forward.

I look forward to hearing from you!