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The Process

Meetings and consultations are complimentary.

Step 1.  Contact me

Step 2.  Initial meeting/consultation

Step 3.  Determine need:


You feel so well self-informed that you don’t want my services.


You only want a little guidance on one or two questions.


You have just several areas that need attention.


You want a way to look at your big picture and become educated so you can feel comfortable and confident to make financial decisions that work for you that are based on merit, and not only on conventional wisdom or hype.  You are willing to make the upfront time commitment and provide documentation requested. You are willing to meet, in a face-to-face or on-line meeting with a specialist for multiple sessions to ensure that your goals and objectives are clear, and not assumed, as your decisions are made.

Ideally, any system used would provide asset allocation tools useful in correlating financial assets among all investment, banking, and insurance accounts and let you test hypothetical financial decisions (both common and uncommon) and the effect they will have on your whole financial world.  It would have a “vault” so you can keep copies of all your important documents in one secure place.

Step 4. Recommendations

Step 5. Initiate recommendations

Step 6. Complete recommendations

Step 7. Service